DML's Boxing Day Swim fur Cinque Ports Rescue

Friday, 29 April 2011


Ello out dere, mi name is Ujio yoo pronounce is Ooo Gee Oh, mi Mom named mee afta her fav man in a movie which is kinda kewl. I don’t live wiv mi Mom yet I is comin to livs wiv her on Monday and she is kinda excitamagated about dats and I is a bit scared. I is only a little guy rite now nearly 12 weeks old butts I will grow and gets lots braver. I has been sworn to secrecy about who mi new Mom is butts yoo may be ables to works dat out.

I has a sista who lives wiv mi new Moms very good furiend and mi sista is called Yasmin, her went to lives wiv her new Mom last Sunday n I got lefted behind and I was veri sad butt now I knows I will see her again which is most happifying. When I moves on Munday I get anuvver sista her is a different style dog to mee butts thats okays wiv mee cos her has lots ovs furs so I will be able to snuggle n keeps all cosy wivs her.

Anyway dats all I can fink ovs rite now butt I is lookin forward to makin new furiends here.