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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Nu Blog

In a day or so wee is all moving to a nu bloggy where we can all blog togevva, dis is da link to our nu bloggy it's called Trubblesome Trio see yoo all dere please follow us wont you



Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ello all ovs yoo

Mi name is Izzy Miyake Pocket Geisha n bruvver Uji sayd mee can share hims bloggy, him has splained wots mee needs to do n mee finks mee gets it butts not too sure reely.

Well mee is free and a half n mee is a likkle girly butts dont bee fooled mee can gets as ruff as Uji can if mee needs to. Mee has eplepsi butts not veri often an Da Moomi says it not bee a problem cos it makes mee wonky like her is. Uji can tell when Moomi is gonna havs a wobbly n him lets her know so mee n her is hopin him will let mee know too. Sista Ronnii is most cuddlesome butts her is a bit grumpy right now cos wee is havin a heatwave n her not likin da heat at alls. So her not wantin any ovs us to snuggles wivs her at da moments butt even tho mee gets it bruvver Uji dont so him is gettin told off by her.

Da Moomi wents out today to gets us all a new bed n her gots a mahoosive one wee can all fits in instead ovs lots ov likkle ones wee try n squish all togevver. Mee does likes it lots even ifs it is not prettysome.


Finks Uji likes it too.

Mee n Uji has started to play today fur da furst time n him is good funs butts him can bee just a bit bouncy fur mee just yets butts wee will gets dere. Mee Likes sleepin in bed wivs him an Moomi, mee did try wivs da Pop n Ronnii butts mee missed Uji & Moomi too much so mee went back in wivs dem.

Mee Is lookin furward to gettin to knows all ovs yoo over time cos Uji n Ronnii tells mee yoo all havs da bestest fun times togevver n mee lovs to gets dressed up fur a nite out.

Anyways dis is mee

011020112444 011020112421



Mee n Sista Ronnii investamagatin


Izzy n Ronnii Progress

270920112358 270920112361 270920112363

Miss April pleese be assured yoo has no worries Uji has done told mee all abouts yoo an it is plain to see hims heart belongs to yoo, now if yoo knows ovs a nice young man fur me dat would bee most nice …..bol