DML's Boxing Day Swim fur Cinque Ports Rescue

Monday, 30 May 2011

Pips Superhero Pawty

Mi is off to mi furst pawty an mee is all dressed n reddy.


Mee is ………………………..

dangermouse  greatest2 


DangerMouse is most kewl if yoo click on hims name yoo can finds out all abouts him.

Mee has food to take to Pips Pawty as well, mee n Ronnii dids make cup cakes


n wee has found tins ovs nommy pasta


n wee founds Super Hero drinkie too


So mee is all set to see wot dis pawty-in is all abouts. YAY Bring it on !


Uji    (  宇治 )

Friday, 27 May 2011

Mi Peeps On Parade

Mi sista says it wood be good fur me to do dis fing n rite about our peeps. Well her dids rite about Da Poppi-Man so mee is gonna rite wots mee knows abouts Da Moms Laydee which isn’t dat much reely.

Mee has lived wivs DML ( DML = Da Moms Laydee ) fur 3 weeks now n so far it has been good. Her be ravver nice n doesn’t gets cross wen mee makes a poop somewhere mee shouldn’t likes on her bed ! Her understands mee is still learnin fankfully.

Da furst time mee dids meet DML her was wivs anuvver laydee mee knows as Aunty Eileen her had comes to collect mi sista Yasmin Pocket Princess to take home wiv her. Mee liked her butts mee was more into DML. Dis is da furst photy ovs us n DML is hugglin mee n Yasmin.

Mee  DML and sista Yasmin Pocket Princess

Mee is all snuggled down DML tee shirt…..BOL ! Dat was it tho wee was both hooked, DML was not lookin fur a new doglet cos her hads just lost Angel Bruvver Richie dat week . Her says him sented mee to her speshully. Mee just melted her heart her says n mee fort she was pretty cool n mee felt she needed mee in her life so mee decided mee was gonna go livs wiv her den n dere. Trubble was her hads to convince Da Poppi man which her did fank dogness. So one week n one day later her did come to takes mee home wiv her and da rest dem say is history.

Mee is supposed to tells yoo abouts DML hobbis n fings butts mee don’t know dem yets. Mee knows her likes to paint but her says she is pants at it , why her paints pants mee dunno surely it woulds make her laydee butt all funny colours ! Her has also been learnin to nit………………. not sure wot dat is eggsactly butt mee finks it is like flees wivs us four pawed ones butt her hasn’t been scratchin at all. One fing mee know her can do tho is wiggle her ears dunno why she finks it is kewl butt fur some reason she does………… dese hu-peeps are strange don’tcha fink? Her also has lots ov fings called tattoos most ovs da time yoo can’ts see dem all cos her be wearin cloves butts mee has sneaked some photys ovs dem to show yoo.

Her had dis one wen Angel Molly crossed Da Rainbow Bridge


Dis is her heroine Tank Girl it is on her left leggy


Her does luv Bats so her has dis on da top ov her rite leggy

16 8

On da bottom ovs her rite leggy her has dis

5  6

On her Left arm her has dis


On her rite Arm her has dis


Her has a few on her back butts mee not gots photys ovs all ov dem

12 13

and dis one which was done in a place called Hooston

19 her also has beloved son written in Japanese too. Her has afew ovas as well includin two on her butt  ( shhhhh tho dem is a secret ) !!!! Her is most weird yoo know ……BOL Butt her is our kinds ov weird !

Mi favourite fing to do wivs DML is wen wee go to sleep, mee snuggles down under da covers and mee curls up against her back n it is sooo cosy n safe. Her never eva lays on mee which is most amazin wen yoo finks ov da difference in our sizes……….bol.

As fur somefing serious about DML well mee finks yoo all knows dat alreddy. Her has a sickie butts her is fightin it n  her is winnin slowly butt her don’ts reelly likes takin bouts it much. One fing bouts her sickies tho is dat wee has matchin crests rite now witch is most uber kewl to mee. DML also has a likkle boy butt since her got da sickie him has lived wivs DML’s pawrents, mee nots met him yet butt her sayd him fort mee was most cute. Him is most cute too




Dese were wen him was likkle

  me n ben

Dis was on a vacashun


Dis was him wivs Monty in Bandera Texas witch is DML’s most favourite place on da entire planet


Dis one is DML’s favourite photy it was just befor her got da sickie and was taken outside a place called Da Alamo at Christmas in 2007.

Now fur da somefing speshul abouts DML, Mee does luvs her lots n lots n dat to mee makes her speshul. Her luvs mee too and her luvs Floofy pants Ronnii which makes mee n Ronnii speshul too …………….. DML says so !

Dere is a couple ovs fings her does witch mee don’t likes , her puts likkle t shirts on mee n mee wriggles arounds like a wriggly fing from Wriggle town on Planet Wrigglesworf. Her is most patient and tries keepin mee all calm until da job is done butt it is stinky ovs her. She also puts on dis blue torture device an her clips a red rope to it n tries to gets mee to walk………….wots dat all abouts ? Why woulds mee wanna walk wen her can carry mee ? Silly Hu-Peeps !

All in all tho her is okays wivs mee n mee likes livin here. So dats mi Hu-Peep on parade





Monday, 23 May 2011


Mee suffered a mahoosive trauma tonite, DML wents up da wooden hill n lefts mee down wivs Da Poppi & Sista Ronnii n wee was all havin a nice snugglee time. Wen all ovs a sudden Da Poppis ring ring fing went off next fing mee knows Da Poppi is takin mi red t shirt off n carryin mee ups da wooden hill.

Mee gots took into da Hu-peeps potty room where DML was sittin in da big water fing wivs her sleepin suit on……………. dats odd mee was finkin next fing mee knows me is in her lap gettin dunked in da wet stuff !!!!! Her washed mee wivs stuff dat smelt of cokey-nuts n hads likkle bits in, den her dids da ultimate horror ! Her dids wets mi uber fluffy  crest n it wents all flat n un fluffy ! ! ! ! ! Horror ovs horrors her den washed mi lipstick n mi butt !!!!!!! Wots wivs dat ?

Her handed mee back to Da Poppi who wrapped mee in a wrappy fing while her gots out ovs da water fing n wrapped herself up. Den she wrapped mee in a blankie as well n started to rubs mee. Most odd fings to do butts it was nice n cosy . Wee wents down da wooden hill den whilst Da Poppi mades Sista Ronnii suffer da same evil fate.

While Sista Ronnii was bein tortured in da water fing DML tried to rubs mee wivs some lotion dat smelt ovs cokey-nut ( does all hu-peeps like dis smell cos mee no likes it at all ) butts mee kept runnin away from her …….BOL. Serves her rite mee finks fur bein so cruel to mee.

Wee dids havs lots ovs snuggles afta butts mee not forgiven her yet. Mi revenge will come later wen her is makin da sleepy noise dat sounds like a busmobile goin ova bumpy roads cos mee will toot rite under her sniffer  bwah ha ha ha !

Has yoo all heard da scandalous news ? Mi uber good buddy Pip has been robbed ! Yes yoo heard dat rite him has been robbed ! His Wondyful Red Wagon was snaffled from off ovs his own porch…………… wot is wrong wivs some ovs dis evil hu-peeps mee jus does not understands dem sometimes. How can some ovs dem bee so very, very nice, kind, carin, lovin & sweet and yet ovvas are mean, nasty, evil, horrid and cruel. Mee finks hu-peeps needs to finks more likes us dogs n kit-kats wee neva do bad fings just cos wee cans.

Anyway on dat fort mee is off to brew up a nasty evil toot fur mi revenge on DML




Sunday, 22 May 2011

Bwah Ha Ha Ha Ha !!

Mi sista Miss Floofy Pants Grumpy Butt Ronnii dids hav a go at mee yestyday n her dids put mee in mi place, her didn’t hurts mee butts her dids scare mee n mee dids reely squeal which scared DML ( DML = Da Moms Laydee ).

Today tho revenge belongs to dis Likkle Samurai ! Mee is a warrior supreme n mee has da PROOF !!!!!!!

Her dids fall offs da cushion 3 times so dat means mee is da winner by 3 falls !

Mee ran rounds da lounge in Victory butts mee suspects mi victory will be short cos her will gets mee back butts mee has a secret weapon in mi arsenal…………………. Mi evil foul Tooty Butt !!!!!



Uji ( Da Victorious )

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Whoopsie ! In Every Sense Ov Da Word


Ohhhhhh Dear Ohhhhhhh Dear Mee dids manage to poop on Da Moms laydee at 5.30 am dis morning ! Mee dids wake her up to lets her know mee needed to go potty and her had picked mee up to take mee to da garden but mee misjudged mi timin an mee could not hold it in so mee managed to poop on her , da stairs, da lounge floor, da kitchen floor and in da garden.

Boy is mee mega barressed bouts it, butts Da Moms Laydee was so kewl bouts it. Mee guess her not such a bad hoo-peep. Her did say to mee not to worry dese fings happen to us youngsters sometimes n mee will gets dere, dat was so nice ovs her dontcha fink ?

So wee nots had too much sleepies last nite so mee finks wee will bee havin lots ov snugglies today……………….. YAY !





Monday, 16 May 2011

Mee is in da Dawghouse !


Mee is nots in Da Mom Laydees good books dis mornin ! Now mee knows yoo is all finkin WHY OH WHY is such a sweet lookin bundle ovs nekkid loverly-ness in da bad books ? Mee wills tells yoo, yesterday mee did pee on all but one of da dog beds an last night ( well wee small hours as laydee calls it ) mee dids a Mango sized pee on her bed n her was sleepin n gots a wet leg ! ! Den dis mornin wee did gets up n out to da garden mee went for some good mornin poopage which mee did enjoy butts wen mee came in mee did tinkle on da last un peed on doggy bed. So herself is not too happy at all, she finks she is now gonna take mee outside every single hour just to save da beds n floor. Her says mee was doin so well too n it is only da last couple ov days mee has gone all hinky on her wivs mi peein, in mi deefence all mee can say is mee likes to pee on somefing soft. Her knows mee will gets dere butts cos she is not feelin too good at da moment fing is gettin to her a bits more. Fankfully mee knows she lovs mee n Grumpy Floofy Butt Sista big much so fings will bee okily dokily.

Talkin ovs Grumpy Floofy Butt Sista Da Moms Laydee is not sendin her to da spa she wents to on Satiday again cos her has come back smellin all loverly but her furs is cut all wonky. Da Moms Laydee not best pleesed wivs dat let mee tell yoo so she is huntin fur a better spa for da Princess…… Princess now dats funni, she sure nuff dont’s act like a Princess!

Anyway dats it fur now cept wee is havin trubble leavin comments cos our open id not workin so wee tryin to fix da problem soon.



Uji                            ( Pee-er Extraordinaire )

Friday, 13 May 2011

Not sure mee liked dat !

Wee did all just go outs, Mee, Grumpy floofy butt sista, Da Moms Laydee & Da Poppi-man…………… Mee was not impressed cos mee did not gets put in mi carry pouch !

Mee had dis torture contrapulashun on wivs a hooj red wire on its dat Da Moms laydee was holdin on to. Mee is finkin maybe her is not so nice ! ! Da Grumpy floofy sista was skippity skippin along wivs Da Poppi-man butts mee just kept on sittin down n lookin woesome. Not dat it worked Da Moms Laydee did keeps sayin come on Uji yor doing so well so mee had to do dis walkin fing butts let mee tell yoo dis…………………………………

MEE DONT LIKE IT ! ! ! ! no siree Bob not one likkle bit did mee like it.

Da best bit ovs da hole fing was comin home again fur mi noms !

Dem betta not finks mee is gonna do dat again cos dem got anuvver fing comin if dey do SO DERE !

Mee is off to get some snuggles in under mi Tracy Beaker blankie. See yoo all soon.



PeeS. Miss Puddles Yoo does soooooo Rock !

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wordless Wensday ( well not really )

Ello all ovs yoo, mee is sorry mee not been on much butts mee keeping Da Mom Person busy n her feelin veri tired lately. Wee been reedin all yor postins n mee has seen how mi Heroine Miss Puddles has become da ultimate squirrel bashin chickie. Her bee most kewlsome ! !

Guess wots ? Last nite mee slept in da big bed wivs Da Moms Person fur da furst time eva. Wee hads been sleepin on da couch cos mee not bein used to sleepin wivs peeps so mee n her was gettin used to its on da couch n now me has graduated to da bed ! !

Da grumpy Butt Sista is more grumpy dis weeks cos it’s her time again wot eve dat means so mee is steerin clear ovs her rite now. Butts mee has to share dese pix ovs her last week cos her looks most perty



Anyways dat be abouts it fur now catch yoo all soonies




Thursday, 5 May 2011

Mee Is Practisin

Too bee likes mi hero !





How is mee doin ?




Pee S. Mee hopes yoo can all heer da Rocky song butts cos ovs da copi-rite fingy yoo may not all heer its, also sorri it be a bits dark dats dem energy savin lite bulbous fingys fault

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Mee has wot da funny laydee sayd is a squitty bum butts mee is still a happy chappy.

Today mee dids somefing fur da furst time n da funny laydee dids catch it on some pitcher cathin fing

Da laydee seemed most happisome bouts mi ikkle noise. Da grumbly girly sista seemed boreded tho, dem girlys is a bits odd. Her dids just grr at mee cos mee wanted her to play bouncy bouncy roll arounds wivs mee butt her was not havin any ovs it borin girly.

Mee now has to go bounce in da green stuff outside now, some ovs it is taller den mee n mee is a big boy da laydee does say so.

Mee off to do bouncin now.



Monday, 2 May 2011

Yikes !

Well da funny laydee wivs da hat came again today n mee dids snuggle up n cuddles wivs her lots.


Den her putts some awfy weirdyfied fing on tops ovs mi nekkidness ! ! Wots wivs dat ?


Yoo can see mi is sooooo no impressed ! Anyways  mee hads lots fun ats Mommi Cheryls wivs all da ova Cresties butts before too long wee dids hav to leave ! Outs in da big hooj wide world butts mee snuggled in mi blankie n snoozed till wee got to anuvver house wivs lots ovs dogs mee didn’t know so mee just wanted cuddles from da funny laydee wivs da hat ( someone sayd her is mi Momster ? Mee not gets dat mee forts her was s’posed to bee Moms butt dem hoo-peeps is odd fur sure ). Wee dids stay dere a while which was okays cos mee dids snooze more den wee got back in mi Aunty E’s broom broom mobile n wents somewhere else butts mee slept frew dat really till wee gots here . Den mee met dis big hoo-peep n gots told him is Popster, him is nice tho n fun to sits on. BUTT DEN dere was dis floofy girly dog n mee don’t finks her does likes me much cos does grrr at mee lots. Mee finks her is mi new sista butt mee not sure ifs her will eva likes me cos mee is bouncy n fast n mee zips arounds n her not likin dat much at all. Mee will havs to see how dis goes butts if her not Grrrr at mee too much it coulds bee fun here. Hmmm mee has piddled in mi crate n tried to poop on da bed but got moved quick fast onto some mat fing so mee finks mee will havs to watch dese hoo-peeps cos dem sneeky.


Mee is snoozy again now so mee goin to havs 87 winks now. Nitey Nitey