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Monday, 16 May 2011

Mee is in da Dawghouse !


Mee is nots in Da Mom Laydees good books dis mornin ! Now mee knows yoo is all finkin WHY OH WHY is such a sweet lookin bundle ovs nekkid loverly-ness in da bad books ? Mee wills tells yoo, yesterday mee did pee on all but one of da dog beds an last night ( well wee small hours as laydee calls it ) mee dids a Mango sized pee on her bed n her was sleepin n gots a wet leg ! ! Den dis mornin wee did gets up n out to da garden mee went for some good mornin poopage which mee did enjoy butts wen mee came in mee did tinkle on da last un peed on doggy bed. So herself is not too happy at all, she finks she is now gonna take mee outside every single hour just to save da beds n floor. Her says mee was doin so well too n it is only da last couple ov days mee has gone all hinky on her wivs mi peein, in mi deefence all mee can say is mee likes to pee on somefing soft. Her knows mee will gets dere butts cos she is not feelin too good at da moment fing is gettin to her a bits more. Fankfully mee knows she lovs mee n Grumpy Floofy Butt Sista big much so fings will bee okily dokily.

Talkin ovs Grumpy Floofy Butt Sista Da Moms Laydee is not sendin her to da spa she wents to on Satiday again cos her has come back smellin all loverly but her furs is cut all wonky. Da Moms Laydee not best pleesed wivs dat let mee tell yoo so she is huntin fur a better spa for da Princess…… Princess now dats funni, she sure nuff dont’s act like a Princess!

Anyway dats it fur now cept wee is havin trubble leavin comments cos our open id not workin so wee tryin to fix da problem soon.



Uji                            ( Pee-er Extraordinaire )


Mr. Pip said...

I am also a pee-er Extraordinaire! My favorite spot is the refrigerator! Don't tell your mom I told you this ...BOL!

I sure hope you and your beautiful sister will participate in my superhero party. If you mom doesn't have time or energy to work on a costume, let me know and I will put my mom to work on photoshopping some cool pictures.

Your mentor, Pip

Frankie Furter said...

I think all of us... manly men.. kinda like to do the Pees on special places.. butt we kinda have to give that up when in the houses. I'm thinkin you are just about to that point.. and doing your final ... PEE IN. hehehe
Sorry that your sister got a BAD Furs Cut. I suppose she won't be showing us any pictures of THAT. Girrrrls are all sensitive and stuffs.
OHHHHHH I had a thought... your mom could take YOU to the furs salon and let you PEE there! BaaaaaWaaaaah. THAT would teach them a lesson, fur sure!

3 doxies said...

I hads dis pee problem when I was smaller than I is nows and come to find out, I hads an infection! I hope you don't.
When mum was potty training us...her took us out like every 15-30 min and brudder was trained in just a few short weeks...I is a different story though...hehehehe. You'll get theres so don't worry, I haves aaaaaall da faith in you.
I am sure Ronii still looks beautifuls.

Hope your mom is doing okays.


Lorenza said...

I was thinking the same as Puddles. But I hope it is not an infection, just a phase.
I am sure everything is going to be ok!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Amber DaWeenie said...

Yeah, Mom was takin us out every 15 minutes when we was your age. And every time we peed, we got a treat. We would have gone out every minute for a treat, butt Mom didn't like dat idea. So...every 15 minutes till we got da idea. Just don't pee on Ronnii.

Terrorzinhos said...

Hi! Pawesome blog you have here!
Our mom says that you are soooo cute!
We are now, following your adventures!

Kisses and licks from Portugal!

Jack, Kaiser and Farrusquinho