DML's Boxing Day Swim fur Cinque Ports Rescue

Friday, 29 July 2011

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wordless Wensday

Mi Sista makes a very good fing to sit on.











Friday, 22 July 2011

Film Fun Fryday

As mee promised here is mi bus ride film.

Mee does really enjoy goin on busses.




Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wordless Wensday

Mi play Date Photys


 17072011845  17072011847


















Monday, 18 July 2011

Mi Sunday

Wowsers today was a day ovs fursts fur me, I was havin mi furst eva play date !!!! Mee was most excitamagated bouts dis. But before dat lets get to one ovs mi fursts………….. DML caught mee being amorous to mi Bambi stuffy so her said mee is definitely gettin a big boy now and it woulds soon bee time for mi bobble-ectomy not sure whats dat is butts mee not sure mee likes da sounds ovs it. Mee has asked Mr Mango ifs mi bobbles is da same as hims nards cos mee is not at all sure wots da fuss is all abouts.

Now DML has had a horrid head dis last week so wee dids not leave as soon as mee wanted fur mi play date butts dat was okays really cos wee hads lots ovs snuggles. Den it was times fur us to go gets da bus ( mee has film ovs mee on da bus butts mee savin dat fur film fun Fryday ) n wen we gotted to da bus stop yoo will neva guess wots mee dids, can yoo guess ? Well mee will tells yoo ……………………. Mee dids cock mi leggy n dids pee all ova a lamppost !!!! DML was very pleased wivs mee den.

Da bus did come n mee sats down on mi seat an looked outta da window on da way wee saw Aunty Lyn n Pal Joey so wee forts wee woulds walk from da bus station to give dem time to gets home befor wee arrived at dere house. Wee all turned up at da same time, mee gots all bouncy wen mee saw Pal Joey butts him just wanted to gets in cos it was windy outs, him looked very handsome in his Red Snuggle Suit mee has to say ( maybee mee should refink not wearing clothes ). Wee all went up into Aunty Lyns an mee did promptly pee ( wivs cocked leg ) up her table leg dis made DML most red in da face butts Aunty Lyn was most kewl abouts it cos mee is still likkle ( just as well cos mee dids it more den once ). Pal Joey was not to keen on mee gettin near hims bed butts Sista Ronnii is da same n her bite is lots worse dan Pal Joeys cos her gots all her teefies.

Mee n Joey

Pal Joey was most tired n hims didn’t wanna play butts dat was okays too cos mee still hads fun even tho him dids keep grrr-in at mee. DML said him looked likes Elvis wen his lip kept curlin up…..Bol.

Even tho we dids not play much it was good fur us both cos Pal Joey has to gets used to da fact dat even tho ova doglets come ova to hims house dem is not gonna steal hims Mom away n goods fur mee cos mee has to learn not every dog mee meets is gonna want to play bitey face or bouncy tigger time or chasey, bouncy, pouncy, flouncy, bitey tail zoomies. So it was a goods non play date ifs yoo follow mee. Mee still played butts wivs DML & Aunty Lyn which was uber kewl n wee dids takes photys which mee will putts up on Wordless Wednesday.

It was a good Sunday !!!!!!!

DML says her is gonna call da vet-man to get him to look at mee n see when she can books mee in for dis bobble fing , now wots mee needs to know is shoulds mee be worried ?





Thursday, 14 July 2011

Yoo Will Neva Guess !

Wots , do yoo fink yoo can guess, Mee bets yoo cant !


MEE DIDS IT !!!!!!!

Mee did do a long walkie on mi leash, mee dids walk from da big bus station in town all da way round to Aunty Lyns and back to da big bus station. Da Mom Laydee was soooooooooooooooooooo happy wivs mee, her did say her is mahoosively prouds ov mee.

Waits cos dere is more………….. mee dids get to meet


Joey n mee did likes him lots n wanted to play wivs him so Da Mom Laydee has said wee can havs a play date ! How excitamagatin is dat ?

Dis is mee on da bus on da way home again

 Photo050 Photo051


A yoo can tells mee likes goin on da bus .




Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wordless Wensday

Mee did mi Ninja fing n snucked up on DML in da bath n mee had her flashy box





Her feeties sure nuff looked funny….BOL





Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Skool ?????

DML is finkin ovs takin mee to skool cos mee does not likes walkin on mi leash n mee will not stop nippin Sista Ronnii’s tail. So her is searchin out  da perfeck class fur me. Mee is most strong willed n hates havin mi harness put on as well n wee has a battle ovs wills every time it is time to puts it on.  DML wants mee to be a well adjusted, happi boy and to be be da same wen mee is all growed up so mee guesses dat means skool. Butts at least me don’t havs to wear a uniform so it wont bee too awful will it ?




Dunno if mee will graduate wivs honour likes dese guys butts yoo neva knows.

Today mee is gonna bee chillin at home wivs mi sista & DML cos it not so hot here today so wee gonna be able to havs lots ov uber snuggles wivout gettin hot n fussed. Dis mornin wee had chicken backs fur brekkie n dem was most nommi-some

Wee do enjoy dis new diet wee is on , da crunchin is most good is all mee can say. Butt DML does does objeckt wen Ronnii tries to bury her leftovas in da sofa cushuns………..BOL





Friday, 8 July 2011

Fryday Film Fun


Beofr mee starts mee must say BIG, MASSIVE, HOOJ, MAHOOSIVE KONGRATULAYSHUNS to ZONA and her peeps on da Safe arrival ovs dere puppy peep NICO. Him is da most handsomest ovs hoo-man pups mee eva has seen n mee wishes yoo many happy memory makin moments in yor lives togevva.

Now dis film is shockin it shows a heinous attack on mi puppyhood by mi buddies at Crestie Heaven where mee dids live wivs Da Mama Cheryl before mee came here.

Now yoo can tell mee was jokin wivs yoo all cos mee had da bestest fun wivs mi bigger buds dere as yoo can tell butts wot DML didn’t film was in da garden wivs da rest ov da pack cos in da film was just a couple ovs mi buds yoo know.

Mee luvs goin to see Da Mama Cheryl n so does DML too, it’s all dem nekkid Crestie butts yoo knows………………..BOL.




Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wordy Wensday

As yoo knows wee has been away fur a likkle while, dere has been lost goin on fur DML wivs her fangs n sortin outs if her was gonna havs more treetment or not which fankfully her has sorted now. But while wee was gone wee has had sadness n happiness.

One ovs da furst dogs mee mets wen mee came here was a mahoosive white fellow called Dude, now dude had mets n loved Angel Molly, Angel Richie & Sista Ronnii so it was mi turn now. Him did tower abovs likkle mee cos mee did meet him da day after mi arrival here. Dude did come ova to DML where mee was sittin on her lap n him dids sniff me so gently n him nuzzled mi nose n dat was it wee was best buddies. Him never dids bounce on mee or anyfing he was mi gentle giant furiend. Well on da 20th mi sweet, gentle furiend did cross da rainbow bridge which gaves mee such a heavy heart & much sadness butts mee knows him is all well, feelin young n runnin round da bridge wivs Angels Molly & Richie an all our furiends dere. Hims Mom was so very sad cos her had Dude since him was 3 weeks old n him was gettin on a weeny bit in years. Butts mee n Ronnii did givs her lotsa luvs n snuggles.

My Best Buddy Dude


Wee do miss yoo muchly mi furiend.

Dat was mi mahoosive sadness while wee was away an mee is gonna lets Ronnii tell yoo abouts one ovs da happis we hads.




Monday, 4 July 2011

4th Ovs July



            HAPPY 4th Ovs July

to all mi furiends across da big swimmin pool !

Mee n sista Non Floofy Butt has been away butts mee will tell yoo all abouts dat anuvver day cos today wee has to pawty on down wivs The Fiesty Three ova in Honorooroo. Mee is so excitamagated.

party fiesty three

cos mee has neva been to Honorooroo befor now Sista Non Floofy Butt who can do evryfing has told mee all abouts it so mee fort mee shoulds try mi paw at dis surfin lark her is so goods at. Hmm, Well, Urrr, Emmmm mee is not so goods at it. Her says it cos her is older n has hads lots ovs praktise so mee has try more n more butts as us Cresties is nots keen on da wet stuff dis in da only photy ov mee surfin yoo is likely to see.

Is yoo all reddy fur it ?…………………………………………… Is yoo sure ?…………………………………………………………………………………………. Okays den here yoo go ……………………………


Mee dids WIPEOUT most mahoosively !!!! Mee did looks likes a drownded rat wen mee finally surfaced it was most heinous dudes, totally BOGUS ! ee mee is gettin da lingo rite at least………BOL.

Anyway mee is lookin furward to seein yoo all at da pawty n big luau bonyfire laters


Aloha mi furiends