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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Skool ?????

DML is finkin ovs takin mee to skool cos mee does not likes walkin on mi leash n mee will not stop nippin Sista Ronnii’s tail. So her is searchin out  da perfeck class fur me. Mee is most strong willed n hates havin mi harness put on as well n wee has a battle ovs wills every time it is time to puts it on.  DML wants mee to be a well adjusted, happi boy and to be be da same wen mee is all growed up so mee guesses dat means skool. Butts at least me don’t havs to wear a uniform so it wont bee too awful will it ?




Dunno if mee will graduate wivs honour likes dese guys butts yoo neva knows.

Today mee is gonna bee chillin at home wivs mi sista & DML cos it not so hot here today so wee gonna be able to havs lots ov uber snuggles wivout gettin hot n fussed. Dis mornin wee had chicken backs fur brekkie n dem was most nommi-some

Wee do enjoy dis new diet wee is on , da crunchin is most good is all mee can say. Butt DML does does objeckt wen Ronnii tries to bury her leftovas in da sofa cushuns………..BOL






Minna Krebs said...

My momma keeps wanting to take Pickles to school too........not so much fur da obedience, butt to practice agilitys and exercise stuffs (her thinks her is an acrobat) Not me though....i am PERFECT As is. Heehee

Frankie Furter said...

Well now Ujio you will just LOVE school. I am a three time graduate and it was such fun!!!
You will be Too Cooool fur School!!
Huuuummmmmm are you two on a RAW diet???

Mr. Pip said...

School!!! I never went to school and I turned out just fine ...aside from that whole peeing on the refrigerator thing. Well, no I don't really know any commands and when someone asks me to sit, I look at them like they are speaking a different language, but so what!

Oh, and I do believe Ronnii is burying her leftovers in the couch for me ...

Your pal, Pip

road-dog-tales said...

This is just crazy talk, right Uji? Aren't you too cool for school??? BOL!

The Road Dogs