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Monday, 6 June 2011

Furst Annual Picnic in the Bark PART 2


Yowie mee can see yoo all made it her from sista Bossy Floofy pants Ronnii’s bloggy well her has tolds yoo all about wee Charlie dude who needs all ovs our help so it iz up to mee to tells yoo all da fun fings wee will be doin.

Dere is gonna be yummy nommables Da Pip is hostin a beer n Brat tent ( Floofy Pants sayd mee is a brat an her is gonna dump mee dere fur da whole piccy nic ………. Da Cheek ovs it ).

Sarge is hostin a tube steak bobbin event n dis is hows yoo does it as showed by Hims Honour Da Mayor


So yoo needs to gets yor hu-peeps to takes photys ovs yoo doin dat an sends dem to Sarge here


Mollie Jo is hostin a fashion show so girlys gets yor photys ovs yor most beeyooteous selfs to her here


Oskar is  doin Da Bug House so ifs yoo has bug photys send dem to hims here


Fenris is holdin a flower show so all yoo buddin hortikulturalists shoulds send yor photys here


Ronnii and mee is hostin da Wally Melon eatin event so please send yor photys fur day here


Blogville’s own Sec. of Science Bertie is goin to bedazzle and astound us wivs his science display and Da Uber Kewl PAWS BANG & Da Mega swish HIGH ROLLERS JAZZ BAND will be playin frewout da piccy nic so dere will be much dancin n flirtin me finks.

Phew mi likkle paws is hurtin from all dis typin now so yoo needs to go backs to Sista Bossy Floofy Pants Ronnii’s bloggy now fur part 3 ovs dis mahoosive announcement




Grady and Leonardo said...

Morning Uji,
On our way back to Ronnii's for part 3.

Is there a cake eating contest?

Have a great day.

Frankie Furter said...

Uji... buddy look at the grrrrreat job you did with this post. I can remember when you could hardly get more than one sentence per post. YOU have come a LONG WAY.. in a SHORT TIME.. HEY.. maybe that means you are Really a Dachshund in disguise!! hehehe
Seriously you did a fangtastic job of helping to get the word out!!
I am gonna be getting my Wally Melon Eatin Pic to you... maybe tomorrow or Thursday!! It will be a DELICIOUSLY FUN thingy!!! THANKS!!!

Mr. Pip said...

Hi Uji! I can't wait to introduce you to brats! If Miss Ronnii wants to explore, you can hang out with me and boys. We will have some serious fun!!!

Your pal, Pip