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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Picnic in Da Bawk Pawt 5

Well mee neva hads so much fun as mee is havin now.

Butt Ronnii was rite cos wee has lots ovs Wally Nommer photys to puts up still so mee is gonna gets rite to it.

Furst up wee has Amazin Addy she seems to havs gots da hang ovs dis reel quick.


Next wee has Addy’s sissy Jazzi dem so looks likes dem is enjoyin da Wallys


Up next Blogvilles own Champion walk-a-thon Supahero Phantasmagorical Pip

DSCN0172 DSCN0175 2

Now how kewl is him lookin wivs his new fur do laydees ?




Now onto more nommables, mee n sissy FP has been likes mad fings in da nommy room makin all sorts ov fings fur da piccy nic tables so lets mee show yoo wots wee has.

bacon butty

A Yoo-Kay delikasee Da Bacon Butty mmmmm


Wee has also mades Archie Pug Pup’s Corn Dog Muffins

corn dog muffins


Wee has liver sausage most yummy-some

liver snag


Mi fav drinkie Root Beer


So refreshin


Wee has a big cooler box full ovs dem


Wee made some Cakes


Doggy Cup Cakes


OP Pack Stylee Cake



Puppy Cup Cakes


& Wee has anuvver speshul Yoo-Kat delishus edible fur yoo all

Da Famous Sausage Sarnie

sausage sarnie


LUSH !!!!


So please come on ova an helps us noms all ovs dis stuff or wee will be as big as one ovs dese


See yoo all soon





Mr. Pip said...

Well, geez, I was so excited about the watermelon, but then I saw the bacon and sausage and corn-dogs and pup cakes ...OK, me needs to sit down now.

Uh, Uji, you have a little whippy cream on your nose.

Your pal, Pip

Frankie Furter said...

OMD OMD... I gotta HAVE that recipe fur the corn pup muffins!!!

The pup cakes are waaaaaay too cute to eat..
Ummmm idunkedyoursister Ilove Root Beer!! It is so idunkedyoursister
refreshing!!! HEY guess WHAT Uji...
I (Frankie whodunkedyoursister FURTER) Placed a BET on YOU in the Sack RACE. Right AFTER idunkedyoursister I found out the Race was BACK ON.
RUN like the WIND BUDDY!!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh My's ... dos pupcakes are jus' soooooo cute. You can't eat dos! Gotta save em 4-ever and ever.

Sure could use some of dat bacon butt though. BWHahahahahah

Sarge said...

Hey Uji!
Wow, those are amazing cakes! Too cute to eat fur sure. That bacon has my attention!!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Asta said...

Dawling Uji
May I pleez have one of those most delicious bacon butties???

I think they awe my vewy favowites nom nom nom

I do love evwything and I'm sowwy, that I slipped and fell into the fwosting and you had to wedo those bootiful pupcakes, but licking it off my paws suwe was fun .
Pip is soo handsome wif his new do, I can hawdly stand it
smoochie kisses

road-dog-tales said...

Wow! Everybody sure seems to be enjoying the wally melon! We bet Wyatt DID grow his own! BOL But what we've really got our eye on is that BACON! And then some pupcakes for dessert, please!

The Road Dogs