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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Oh Mi Dogness Mee Is Excitamagated


Mee is havin a furiend come to stay wivs mee next Tuesday, hims name is Sidney n mee is goin to lets him share mi house, mi sista, DML, da Popster n mi beds . It is a likkle sads cos hims Moms and her Mom havs to move house n thems cannot takes all dere dogs n pets wivs dem, dem can only take two n so Sidney is comin to stay wivs us until hims Moms can persuade da laydee to lets him come too. Ifs her cant persuade da laydee hims will stay wivs us fur as long as him needs so hims will be mi bruvva from anuvva Momma.

Mee bets yoo is all wonderin wots Sidney looks like well hims is small, n tan n furry unlike mee. Him has big brown eyes n a curly tail n is most cutesome. Okays mee will puts yoo out ovs yor misery please meets Sir Sidney Snotter ( hims Moms calls hims dat )

 Sidney 1 Sidney 2 

 Sidney 3


Yep hims is a PUG !!!! mee is so happisome to havs anuvver pupster to plays wivs, wee can play zoomies n bitey face n tag n hims wont grr at mee likes sista Ronnii does. Wee can has our own gang mee n Sidders da lets annoy DML gang wots do yoo finks ? Sidders already knows sit n stuff so hims can teach me dat which will be so kewl.

Anyway mee fort yoo woulds all likes to know dis news, mee knows yoo will welcome hims wivs open paws. Mee finks him will needs some comfort fur a while while him gets used to livin somewhere new n wivsout hims family. Butts mee will luvs him n so will DML, Da Popster n Ronnii butts him will always belong to hims Mom Mama Holls.

Anyway mee has to go sort out some toys to welcomes him wivs.






Sarge said...

Hey Uji!
Wow, that's exciting fur sure! Enjoy your time with Sidney and it's most sweet of you to share.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Grady and Leonardo said...

Your Momma and Popsters have the biggest hearts in the world and we love thems so much for that.

Sidney is very lucky to become a part of your family. You will have one safe house with all those furries there to protect your family.

Hugs and Newfie kisses.
Leo, Grady and Moms.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh Uji....sharin' your toys and everythin....You is so sweet. No wonder sissy April wuvs you so much.

A big welcome to your new brudder.

Anonymous said...

Gosh Mr. Uji, a new sissy and a new friend/brudder all at once, how exciting! You are going to be tuckered out from all that playtime, BOL! Conbarkulations!



Frankie Furter said...

Welcome to Blogville Sidney!! I know you and Ujio are gonna be havin a super fun time together. We will all be waitin to see and hear all the fun stuffs that you guys do.

Congratulations UJIO and RONNII... you will BOTH like this... fur sure.

Kippy Marrie said...

Olá fofo amiguinho...
Lindas suas fotos como sempre.
Estou feliz porque é meu ANIVERSÁRIO e quero dividir isto com meus amigos. Está tendo festa no meu blog. Vá lá para comer bolo e me dar os parabéns. Vamos celebrar a vida que Deus nos deu. Mais um aninho de vida.
Te espero no meu blog, ok?
Aus 1000 com amor do Brasil...


Wyatt said...

That is a pretty cute little visitor you have there!!


Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Wow, your 4-legger census has doubled in no time at all! First your new sissy Izzy Miyake and now a new brother! Better stake out your sleeping spot on your mom's pillow and hang on to it. That bed's gonna get crowded. But you're gonna have fun together!

Jed & Abby