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Friday, 5 August 2011

Does yoo know abouts Charlotte ?

Charlotte wos found lying in da doorway ov a church, way out on a country road, no one knows how far her dragged her sick, brokeded , tired likkle body to gets dere. Peeples ovs da Church dids givs her food & water butts no one would takes her home wivs dem. Likkle Charlotte watched as one bi one dem all drove away and left her dere all alone again den da nite time came and still Charlotte stayed dere. Layin in da door ovs dat church scared, lonely and her likkle body hurtin all ova butt waitin and hopin fur sanctuary and salvation. Den Laura arrived later dat nite and Charlotte was still dere waitin an hopin. Laura knew her did nots havs da room fur Charlotte as her house already is home to many, many rescues & her dids not havs da green papers fur da kind ovs care Charlotte needs.
Butt Likkle Charlotte hads faith so Laura dids too Faith dat wee will helps, faith dat Charlotte will makes a full recovery n leave all da pain n scaredness behinds her, far, far behind her.

Charlotte is only a pup abouts 3 moths old so her has her whole life ahead ovs her, hopefully a lifes full ovs luv n happisome times. Butt rite now her needs our helps.

Da latest update fur Charlotte

Charlotte is doing better butts still remains in quarantine. Her has almost no immune system so her has to be kept away from ova animals. Her is gaining a little weight an likes her time with hoo-mans. Her is super cuddly and sweet.
Yoo'd never guess her is battling Anaemia, Mange, Malnutrition and Juvenile Cellulitis, a rare butts very serious condition which basically restricts da airway until da animal chokes. Da vet is having to treat Charlotte very carefully as da treatments for Mange an Cellulitis are contraindicated. Pleese can yoo all share her story an give wotseva yoo can every likkle helps as wee all knows. Charlotte woulds likes yoo all to knows how much her does appreesee-ate all yor helps n healin forts n prayers

To helps likkle Charlotte, donations can be made

via ChipIn

via Paypal to

or sent to

Sent to P.O. Box 60923 Nashville TN 37206 (Laura Love/LLAWP)


or called in to da vet's office, Little Animal House at 615-791-9148 (tax deductible)

Yoo can also follow Charlotte on da Facebook HERE

Fank yoo all fur readin dis posty please do share Charlottes story if yoo feel yoo woulds like to. Not all dogs are as lucky as mee & Sista Ronnii .




PeeS . Mee knows nots everyone can helps wivs pennies n fings butts yoo can helps by sendin her power ovs da paw n healin forts which is just as good mee finks


5puggums2mamasanddadandhiscat said...

Wesa wisha wesa could helps our new little furiend...but our own Miss Gracie needs knee surgery...and might have yet another knee surgery when she recovers from the one that she will have on Tuesday. So Mimi is still Stage 1 and now Miss Gracie will have to have her right rear knee done first and possibly her left at a later date as she is at at least a Stage 3 in the right one.
Will keep everyone updated!!
Much luvums,
The Slimmer Puggums
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi & 'da mamas

Amber DaWeenie said...

We is all sendin our wuv and crossed paws (all 36 of dem)and prayers to sweet Charlotte. We nose how da bills can pile up for are furends dat are sick. We jus went through dat wit Tucker. Me will say a prayer to Tucker at da Bridge to send extra prayers to Charlotte dat she gets better soon and finds her forever home.

road-dog-tales said...

We read about sweet Charlotte and will do what we can and keep our paws crossed she get the care and attention she needs!

The Road Dogs

Asta said...

This is so sad and I'm getting mowe teawy along wif Mommi
We don't have the gween papews these days and when we wead about sweet little innocent woggies who have been thwoo so much aweady and need help we awe angwy that all we can do is pway and cwoss paws.
Chawlotte had faif and I will twy to have it too that some miwaculls will hapen and she gets all the cawe she needs and love and finally can have a life like we do
smoochie kisses