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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Mi Sista

Befor wee starts to put our hollibob postys ups Mee has somefing to fells yoo all. Ronnii had to see da Vet man on Munday cos her coughin was lots n lots worse lately. Fankfully it is nots kennel cough or her trackeea collapsin butts her has to go to da hopsital on Chewsday mornin for some sleepy juice n to has X rays. Dems does want to works out why her coughs so much. Now sista Ronnii does not like bein lefts at da vet mans n her gets all stressy n den frows ups. So coulds yoo all cross yor paws on Chewsday fur her not to gets all stressy pants. Da vet man ( who as aktually a laydee ) finks Ronnii mites hav asthma wee is hopin dat is all it is cos dem can givs her stuff fur dat no probs. Even tho her is a big bossy bottom mee does luvs her lots n mee is more den a likkle worrieds fur her. Da house is gonna feel most odds wivouts her here on Chewsday.

Anyways mee hopes yoo is all good, well and full ovs bounce.





Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh, no, Uji......we will all have our paws crossed and say extra prayers for sissy Ronnii.

Frankie Furter said...

OMD OMD... Poor Ronnii. I will have my paws totally crossed fur her on Chewsday. Maybe when they give her the sleepy juice.. they can give her some pills to keep her from gettin all stressy an stuff.

I just Pray it is only that easy to fix thingy.. Or maybe she just has a piece of somethingy stuck in there and they can take it out.

Mr. Pip said...

Oh no, I am worried! I will be thinking of Ronnii and sending her lots of yorkie love on Tuesday morning.

I cough a lot,too, but it is from my collapsed trachea. My previous owner kept my collar too tight and my throat is still sensitive all these years later.

Your pal, Pip