DML's Boxing Day Swim fur Cinque Ports Rescue

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hollibobs Final Part

Afta all da classes in da dog show, wee all wents fur a wander round da show togevver for da furst time. It was pawsome wanderin rounds wivs all six ovs us mee has to say.

We saw everyfing ‘cept da birds ov prey which was cos us four leggers was nots allowed in. Wee dids havs lots ovs da fallin from da sky wet stuffs butts it didn’t spoils our fun one likkle bit. When it rained durin da dog show everyone dids hide in da big tent fing.


See how happisome Da Poppi is wivs Ronnii, it bee tru luvs wivs dem two yoo know.


Yoo can hardly see across da field frew da tent doors it was raining soooooo hard, Mee swears it rained abouts 87 inches yoo know.


Mee was so lucky to meets dis gawjuss girl her is a Japanese Spitz , her was most prettisome butts not as lovey as mi PAWm dates is………. Woohoo

Oh Mee forgots to to tell yoo dis wen our wobbly blue house wos still up Dodger came to visits us and havs a nosey abouts much to DML’s delight.

CNV00011 (3)

Hims is lookin in mi bedroom……Bol.

Mee n Uncy Freds dids share a speshul moment whiles wee was away dats mee jus has to show yoo.


In da furst one Uncy Fred is tellin mee all abouts girlys.


As Yoo can see mee is takin it all most serious.


Hims finished tellin mee so mee told hims ‘ Fank Yoo Uncy Fred, mee does luvs you dis much yoo knows ‘

While we was dere Sista Ronnii was off lead for big long times it was da furst times eva since her dids come to livs here.


Looks how nicely her does trots afta Da Poppi, how kewl is dat. Evry once in a while she woulds see anuvver dog her wanted to say hello too so she woulds scamper offs , say hello and den run back to Da Poppi. Her is a  most goodly girl most ovs da time.

Wee didnt’’s do much else aparts from a bit more bimblin abouts n da hoo-peeps drinkin hot drinks an befor wee knew its da time hads come to leave.

Mee & Ronnii was most sads to leave cos wee was havin such a good time butt mee can tell yoo fur certain sure wee will go backs again.




Frankie Furter said...

Awwwwww Uji, you are sooooo right about how Ronnii and your popster are.. BONDED. THAT is such a super duper thingy, don't you think.
My mom says.. the Big Ones.. always Fall the Hardest.
Butt I don't understand that. heheahe

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh dat was such a wonderful day for you two. See....Ronnii didn't run off like you did when you scared Momma so bad. Speakin' of scared....we gots a storm goin' on right now and April is shakin like a leaf cause her is scared. Her needs your paws around her so she feel better.

Kippy Marrie said...

Amei seu blog e você.
Quero ser sua amiguinha.
Gostaria que voce entrasse em meu blog e viesse me conhecer e fosse meu amigo. Já estou te seguindo e sendo sua amiga, ok?
Sou a KIPPY e moro no Brasil.
Tô te esperando.
Parabéns pelas lindas fotos e pelo blog.
Até breve... Aus 1000 com amor...


Zona said...

That sounds like a fun time! I loved seeing the pictures of Ronnii with Da Poppi. Such a sweet bond!

We'll be thinking of you this week!