DML's Boxing Day Swim fur Cinque Ports Rescue

Monday, 15 August 2011

Hollibobs Part 3

Woweeee where does mee starts hang on lets mee check where floofy pants got up to brb, Okays mee know where wee is now.

Miss Dee & Mr Andy havs 9 dogs ovs dere own n dem is all most well behaved wee didn’t get photys ovs all ov dem fur some reason butts dem hav

Gibbs & Flynn

CNV00007 (3)

Den da 3 girls ( from da back ) Miss Hebe, Miss Truly & Miss Heidi


Marvellous Magnificent Milo

CNV00024 (2)


CNV00022 (2)


CNV00004 (3)

and Grouch who DML didn’t gets a photy ov fur whatever reason butt her is goin to ask Miss Dee if her has one wee can show yoo all. DML wishes wee was as well behaved as Miss Dee’s doglets.

Rite back to our trip after da hu-peeps hads dere evening feedin time wee all went back to da big wobbly blue house fing fur a cuppa, our feedin time n a beer fur da menfolk. Den Uncy Fred & Aunty Wilma went fur a likkle lay down cos Uncy James was worned out him had been at work all day before him dids da long drive to Bowood n wee dids wake him up too early….Bol

So DML, Popster, Ronnii n mee dids go to da beer tent wee all sat outside fur a while, it’s was a likkle chilly by den so mee was all snuggled in mi blankie on da table snuggled in DML arms, Ronnii was wivs Da Popster on da ova side ovs da table an her was a nawty girl. Dapops had some speshul ale made from Bramley apples n LIkkle Miss Good 2 shoos dids sniffs at it den her did climb on da table n her stucked her nose in da glass an her dids DRINK SOME ! How nawty is dat ? Mee finks da drinks dids makes her sleepy cos her came ova da table n climbed on tops ovs good likkle me wrapped in mi blankie n her lay down ON ME n went to sleep!!! Da cheek ov her.


See how goods mee is being !!!

Wee wen in da beer tent afta dat n da hu-peeps sats talk, talk, talk talkin fur ages befor dem tooks us fur walkies befor beddy time. DML wanted to make sure mee didn’t need to go potty in da wee small hours again…….BOL. Her did say it was her fault cos her didn’t  take me fur dat last late nite wee befor bed so mee didn’t gets in trouble or anything.

Da next day dawned wivs cloudy skies Oh Oh , so while Uncy Fred n Aunty Wilma made us all a loverly brekkie of bacon & eggy rolls mee & Ronnii just chillaxed in DML nu campin chair


Wee dids take all ovs yor advice n wee dids snaffle da chair fur ourselves so it is now our campin chair/bed……….bol.

Afta brekkie mee, Ronnii, DML & Aunty Wilma wents walkabout nosing ats all da fings to see while da men dids puts da blue wobbly house fing away. DML gots mee a new collar and mi furst proper leash ovs mi own her had waited till mee started to like walkies which mee does now. Dere was sooooo much to see, mee wasn’t keen on da men doin shootin displays da big bangs from da guns dids scare mee a bits butts Ronnii is soooo brave it’s didn’t bovva her one bit. Wee dids see lots of pawsome trader stands n DML saw a hat her dids like butt he didn’t buy it just den. DML hads to get back to helps sign peeps in fur day 2 ovs da fun dog show an to enter us into more classes. Mee wasnt too keen on dis cos mee didn’t get anywhere da day befor butts DML sayd ‘ it is all fur da Lab rescue so please go in fur yor classes n helps dawgs who is not as lucky as yoo are n hav not fund dere furever homes yet ‘ Now how coulds mee say no ? So mee went in fur two classes best pedigree an best rescue under 9.

Uncy Fred took mee in da best pedigree class


Now as some ovs yoo may remember Uncy Fred is a uber kewl secret agent so mee nota able to show hims real identity or it could put him in danger n mee lovs him big much so mee wood neva do dat which is why hims has a big yellow smily face !

Mee dids not win best pedigree mee didn’t gets placed butt mee dids gets a special rosette fur bein so nekkid !

070820111400 - Copy

mee was happy wivs dat. In da best rescue under 9 mee didn’t gets placed again butts mee got anuvver special rosette fur bein rescued n havin a happi furever home

070820111400 - Copy (2)

So mee was verry happy wivs two rosettes even ifs mee didn’t gets placed, maybee next show mee will get placed. Its all fur dawgs so it is all good.

Now Miss Floofy Pants was in two classes as well she went in fur best rescue over 9 again and best veteran, Da Popster took her in her classes


Wee was all mega prouds ov her wen her cam 5th in best veteran

070820111398 - Copy (2)

Butt wee dids go mad wivs joy wen it was da best rescue ova 9 class cos guess what ?

070820111398 - Copy (3)

Her dids get 1st place , wee is sooooooooo soooooooo proud ovs her, it meant her did gets to go in da last class which was best in show, her didn’t win butts he is da winner to us. Mi sister is a champion show girl now WOOHOOOOOOOO.


On dat note mi likkle paws is gettin sore from typin so part 4 will be later






Mr. Pip said...

Bawhahahahaha that's my girl taking a little sip of the ale! Go Ronnii!! And of course, she took first place! She's my girl and she's one in a million.

You two look very comfy cozy and adorable in those pictures. I sure wish I could have been there to join you!

Your pal, Pip

Anonymous said...

Wowee! It looks like you guys had the Most Excitingest hollibobs ever! I slept in one of those wobby blue houses before and they're pretty fun. They're kinda like my condo, only bigger. I think it was awfully nice of you to let Ronnii sleep on top of you. Brudder Ranger would NEVER let me do that.

Is ale like beer? Cuz if it is, I don't blame Ronnii one bit for sticking her head in it. I luvs beer, too!

Congratulations on all your Most Pretty ribbons. Everybuddy in your family are #1 to me!

Wiggles & Wags,

Amber DaWeenie said...

Yeah....for Ronnii and anudder Yeah for you, Uji. Purrty good when you gets an award for being neked! BOL

5puggums2mamasanddadandhiscat said...

That be super cool'ums that you get a special ribbon for being naked...think about it our many peeps and pups are rewarded for naked-ness? Seriously! :) Also, congrats to your sister for getting the 1st place ribbon...soon you too will follow her lead and get the 1st place ribbon, too...just need to wait a little while and grows...
Can't wait to hear more about your adventure!! :)
Much luvums,
The Slimmer Puggums

Amber DaWeenie said...

Hi Uji....Me stole me sissy's bloggy for a minute to let you nose dat me would be so honored to be your date. Me has to get me hair done and get a nice partee dress to wear.


Sarge said...

Hey Ujio!
Wow, congrats on winning your ribbon! That's pawesome and looks like a ton of fun!!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP